Playoffs Predictions


Round 1

OKC vs MEM= OKC (4-2)

GSW vs LAC= LAC (3-4)

HOU vs POR= HOU (4-3)   

SAS vs DAL= SAS (4-0)

TOR vs BKL= TOR (4-3)

MIA vs CHA= CHA (3-4)

CHI vs WSH= WSH (1-4)

IND vs ATL= IND (4-3)

Round 2 

LAC vs OKC= OKC (3-4)

HOU vs SAS= HOU (4-2)

CHA vs TOR= TOR (1-4)

WSH vs IND= IND (3-4)

Conference Finals

OKC vs HOU= OKC (4-0)

TOR vs IND= IND (1-4)

NBA Finals

OKC vs IND= OKC (4-3)

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